BoNine and BoEleven Multi-Use Gourds
BoNine and BoEleven Multi-Use Gourds
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We believe these are the best, most versatile bird gourd houses available. Plus, they are easy to install and maintain. Not only will they accommodate Purple Martins with SREH (Starling Resistant Entry Holes), but by changing the entrance, these houses can accommodate Blue Birds and Tree Swallows.

The BoNine features:

  • Large Oval Cleanout/Inspection Port
  • Round and Crescent (SREH) Entrances
  • Entrances for Purple Martins, BlueBirds and Tree Swallows included.
  • Round and Crescent Door Plugs
  • Heat and Cold Regulation
  • Hanger Top Turns 360 Degrees
  • Textured, Non-Slip Interior
  • "Dry Nets" Drainage System
  • 9 Inch Diameter

The BoEleven ADDITIONAL features:

  • Eleven Inch Diameter
  • Black Inner Liner that helps push hot air out the top

Available Option - Add to order below

  • Tunnel entraces - protects from preditors