Wingscapes Auto Feeder <br><span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>
Wingscapes Auto Feeder <br><span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>
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Wingscapes' latest innovation makes bird feeding easier than ever. Unlike conventional, gravity-fed feeders, the Auto Feeder allows you to determine how much seed to offer - and when! The result: your feeder stays filled much longer and birds become "trained" to visit your feeder at times of day that you choose.

How does it work? Watch the YouTube Video Below.The Auto Feeder uses technology that Wingscapes' sister company (Moultrie Feeders) has used for two decades in deer feeders: a battery-powered mechanism, controlled by a programmable timer, dispenses seed throughout the day. You control when, and how much, seed is dispensed. Perfect for situations where frequent refilling is difficult.

The Auto Feeder is constructed of metal and heavy ABS plastic to withstand years of abuse.

Batteries: Four AA will last for 9 months

Capacity: 1 gallon

Timer Function: Dispense 1-6 times daily 1-20 seconds per instance

Dimensions: 9"W x 9"D x 15" H

Weight: 5 lbs. (empty)

Guarantee: 2 years against any damage which inhibits function.