BirdCam Mounting Arm
BirdCam Mounting Arm
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Using the BirdCam Mounting Arm with the Wingscapes BirdCam gives you more options to make the most of your digital bird camera.

The camera mounting arm makes it easy to mount your BirdCam on a common bird feeder pole at your choice of angles. It is designed to mount on any bird feeder pole with an outside diameter of 0.5-1.5 inches, or to any post, wall, or tree.

The camera mount has a unique 'elbow' joint that adjusts the mounting arm to angles of -60, -30, 0, 30 and 60 degrees so you can set your BirdCam in just the right position. The 'ball joint' on the mounting arm connects to the standard tripod mount at the bottom of the BirdCam allowing the BirdCam to swivel 360 degrees.

The BirdCam Mounting Arm is easy to operate and no tools are required!

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