Cedar Bluebird House with Cast Iron 'Lone Star of Texas'
Cedar Bluebird House with Cast Iron 'Lone Star of Texas'
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This Bluebird Nest Box is a modified design of the very popular "Peterson Bluebird House". The house is made from Western Red Cedar for maximum durability and is assembled using cedar specific wood screws.

The over sized roof is weather tight and it's size discourages predators from getting at the young. The tapered design makes it easier for bluebirds to build their nests, because this shape requires less nesting material. The slanting roof and inside drainage holes also guard against rain.

Other features include ventilation holes that keep the house from overheating and harming baby birds and a rough interior that enables fledglings to climb out of the box.

Lift the front panel for easy seasonal cleanouts. Mount this bird house to a post or tree to entice beautiful, musical, scarce bluebirds to your yard. Mounting instructions and screws included.

Three choices of openings for each type of Bluebird. Eastern Bluebirds prefer the oval opening.

Enjoy watching your Bluebirds! Order with the Spy Cam installed!