Handpainted Kona Hummingbird Feeder <br> 2 Sizes
Handpainted Kona Hummingbird Feeder <br> 2 Sizes
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Bring a tropical flair to any garden with the Kona design hummingbird feeders by Lone Wolf. Hummingbirds will flock to these delightful garden additions. This feeder is a beautiful, yet highly functional, piece of outdoor art.

Each Kona feeder is hand poured one at a time. The inside is glazed and fired to ensure durability and easy cleaning. Each is hand painted with non-toxic paints, then sealed to preserve the dazzling design. Every piece is hand signed by the artist. 100% American made!

Available in 2 sizes, each design features 3 feeding ports found in the center of each hand painted flower. The large feeder holds approximately 24 ounces of sugar water. The short size holds approximately 10 ounces. Once the feeder is filled with sugar water, just close it with the plastic stopper.

Each feeder can be hung from a branch or hook with the attached nylon cord.

Available in 4 different colors. See photos of each one below the order box. In order - Red, Garnet, Purple, Fuchsia and Orange.