Rotating Head Scarecrow Owl
Rotating Head Scarecrow Owl
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This imposing, hand-painted Great Horned owl is designed to repel most other birds. Unlike static owls, this owl's head ratates and bobs in the wind, providing movement which frightens other birds. The owl is a feared predator and the lifelike owl with the very realistic eyes is effective in frightening birds. This product will also be effective against small rodents that are also preyed upon by the Great Horned Owl. The key to continuing effectiveness is to keep moving the owl around the yard or garden so birds don't get used to it (they will become unafraid if they notice that it never moves).
  • A life-like 18" tall
  • Can be filled with sand for extra stability
  • May attract crows, as the owl is the crow's enemy.
  • Effectively covers a 50-foot radius if the owl is place high and in the clear
  • Owl can be easily mounted on a pole or fence post