Bird Bath Water Cleaner
Bird Bath Water Cleaner
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Just place one of these cleaning dispensers at the bottom of your birdbath, and its slow-dissolving, 100% safe formula fights stains, mineral deposits, and organic build-up for up to 30 days.

The secret?

This Birdbath Water Cleaner uses a proprietary blend of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

The proprietary formula keeps your fountain or birdbath clean and clear by breaking down organic waste and reducing nutrients, thus improving the water quality, which results in a healthier water feature.

This product is completely safe for people, pets, birds, fish and other wildlife.

It will keep your birdbaths cleaner and clearer without scraping or cleaning with harsh chemicals.

The water should still be changed every few days to remove debris. Just place the dispenser back in the water and it will continue to work.

Sold in Packs of 2.

To Order: Enter the number 1 in the Quantity box. Then select from the drop down the number of packs you wish to purchase.

One Pack of 2 - $15.99 (up to 60 day supply)
Two Packs of 2 - $19.99 (up to 120 day supply)
Three Packs of 2 - $23.99 (up to 180 day supply)

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