16" x 38" Octagonal Bird Feeder with 2 Bell-Shaped Roof Options
The towering design of this 16" x 38" bird feeder will be the showecase of your garden. It features eight sides with an artistic bell-shaped roof.

The feeder is made from PVC Board to insure that it won't rot, split or crack. Sealed with high quality white paint and topped with a poly resin finial, this feeder will remain beautiful for years.

To fill the birdfeeder with seed, simply lift the roof off the feeder and pour the birdseed into the acrylic tube. To clean the feeder, just remove the feeder box from the mounting post and dispose of the waste - and wash with a water hose.

In case of bad weather and high wind conditions, to prevent damage to the feeder simply remove the entire birdfeeder from the mounting post and place in temporary safe storage.

Select from one of two roof choices:

Bright Copper with Lacquer
Verdigris Patina Copper with Lacquer

The feeder comes with installation instructions and a 4" vinyl sleeve stub with the mounting brackets attached. You can install the house or feeder using either a 4"x4" vinyl sleeve or a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" treated post. If using a wood post, the vinyl sleeve will slide over the top of the post, but screws will be needed to secure the house or feeder. If using a vinyl post (available at most home improvement stores), remove the vinyl sleeve and the house or feeder will fit on top. Again, screws are recommended for security.

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