Water Rippling Birdbath With Pedestal and Water Wiggler
Water Rippling Birdbath With Pedestal and Water Wiggler
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Birds cannot resist moving water and this bird bath keeps the water in constant motion.

Moving water in minutes! Just place and go - no wiring, no plumbing! The birds will love it!

Easy to use, 20 inch diameter birdbath and pedestal with Water Wiggler included. It's completely silent!

The Wiggler's unique, silent agitator action runs 24 hours a day, creating continuous ripples in water. This rippling action creates enough surface movement to effectively prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, while at the same time attracting more birds.

Operates on two D batteries (not included) for a full season of continuous use. It's crafted of durable plastic material and can withstand both freezing winter temperatures and plug-in heating units.

The bath is 26-1/2 inches tall. The pedestal has a hollow base which may be filled with sand or pebbles for added stability.

Full one-year warranty on Water Wiggler and Birdbath.