Blues Bird Barn Birdhouse
Blues Bird Barn Birdhouse
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We adore birds; you adore birds.  So maybe it was natural that we build one of our most adorable houses ever, topped by our bird's eye version of a weather vane.  No, you won't hear any crowing from that little rooster on the roof, but you'll rise and shine every morning with the knowledge that your birds await -- and you may feel like crowing yourself as bird songs fill the air!

From the Cotton Collection, this historic home is made from the reclaimed cypress of a 19th century Cotton Compress building.  Together, we're making homes and history in a way that makes the future a little brighter for all.

Every house in the cotton Collection is unique – no two are alike! Each item will vary due to the texture and color of the reclaimed wood.

Dimensions:  6" x 11" x 16" with a 1-1/2" Hole