Barn Owl House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>
Barn Owl House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>
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The beautiful Barn Owl with its heart-shaped face is 18" high with a wing span of 44". See photo below order box.

These highly valued, rodent-eaters will have an ideal residence in this very large house which comes with wood chips. The house should be placed high in a tree or inside a barn or shed. Can be tree mounted using a 2x4 to have a flat surface.

Very study and made from eastern white pine. Can be cleaned out through its large entrance hole.

Available assembled or unassembled. The assembled units end up shipping by the "dimensional weight" of 65 lbs., because of the large box required. We therefore ship most of our Barn Owl houses unassembled (pre-drilled with all hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions).

A minimal shipping charge is required due to the large size whether shipped assembled or unassembled. Please make your choice in the order box.

Lives in open country, forest edges and clearings, cultivated areas, cities and farms.

Resides from southern British Columbia east through the Dakotas and Michigan to southern New England, and southward. Dimensions: 17"h x 20"w x 26"d