Whitehall Hummingbird Sundial Birdbath
Whitehall Hummingbird Sundial Birdbath
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This wonderful Hummingbird Sundial Birdbath has a dual purpose. It's a timeless timekeeper along with a wonderful birdbath for your feathered friends.

For centuries, sundials have been used to mark the passage of time while reminding us of the rhythms of our universe. While modern day timepieces have replaced the practical usefulness of the sundial, there is a sense of earthern nostalgia that makes sundials appropriate as functional garden accents.

Crafted from rust-free, recycled aluminum and carefully finished with weather-resistant paints to withstand any climate.

Bird bath available in 3 colors - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper Verdigris and French Bronze. 12" in diameter.

Pedestal is not included. Add the Grecian or Roman Sundial Pedestal in the order box below. See photos of the pedestals below the order box. First is Grecian and second is Roman.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

This artistic bird bath will become a focal point of your yard or garden, and birds love to splash around in it!