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 Duck Houses

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Duck houses provide habitat for several varieties of ducks. Why do you need a duck house? A few ducks do nest in trees on a regular basis, and these include the Bufflehead, Wood Duck, Goldeneyes and Mergansers. These ducks commonly nest in tree cavities, which makes them good candidates for man-made habitats.

These ducks are incapable of excavating a cavity to live in as a woodpecker might, so they search for an existing hole ... and a rather large one at that. Their acceptable cavities are fewer than ever, making them quite dependent on human benefactors. Young forests, and those without woodpeckers or flickers, will not have cavities suitable for ducks.

Help keep these species around by providing suitable nesting boxes.
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Aqua Duck<br><span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Aqua Duck
New Item!
This magnificent floating home gives a whole new meaning to the term "lucky duck." Floating on a pond or a lake, Aqua Duck, the most palatial duck dwelling, offers serene comfort guaranteed to last for years thanks to top quality cypress construction. Time to rack up the quacks. Made in the USA!
Small Wood Duck HouseSmall Wood Duck House"Dump nesting" occurs when a number of females lay eggs in a single house, which sometimes results in clutches with over 70 eggs. Due to the special design of this dmaller next box, "dump nesting" was reduced. Although fewer ducklings are fledged from each box, the survival rate is improved. This box comes with a wire ladder and nesting chips, and the front opens for observation and cleaning.
Bufflehead Duck HouseBufflehead Duck HouseThe Bufflehead, with its striking white sides and white patch on its head, is smaller than most cavity nesting ducks. Dependent on nest boxes, this Bufflehead house is ideal due to the scarcity of holes excavated by a large woodpecker or flicker.
Common Merganser Duck HouseCommon Merganser Duck HouseCoveside provides a perfect nest box for mergansers that normally nest in tree cavities. Positioning a house on a pole in the open water provides extra protection from predators.
Wood Duck / Hooded Merganser HouseWood Duck / Hooded Merganser HouseThis specially designed Wood Duck House opens two ways for observation and cleaning, and has an internal ladder for the duckings to climb out. Mother calls ducklings to the protection of the open water at age one day.
Goldeneye Duck HouseGoldeneye Duck HouseUnable to excavate their own cavities, goldeneyes are in constant search for good nesting sites. With a larger entrance hole than the Wood Duck House, this specially designed box comes with wood chips and a ladder to provide an ideal place for goldeneyes to lay their eggs.