"My Heartwood Ashley birdhouse is so beautiful and the quality is excellent. Thank you so much." Sandi, Atlanta

"Thanks in advance, you have great customer service, feels like doing business with friends." Lynette, New York.

"Received the birdhouse yesterday and in good order. Thanks for the efforts on your end and please pass on my appreciation to your "manufacturer." It was packaged well and arrived by the time I was told it would. I REALLY like it!" Doreen, Washington

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Birdwatching/Bird Identification

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NEW! Birdsong Lyric now available!

NEW! "Wireless" Hawkeye Bird Spy Cam now available!

Identiflyer Lyric
This page is dedicated to providing optics and electronics to help you enjoy and identify birds by their appearance as well as by their song.

We are proud to be able to offer the Vortex, Stokes, and Alpen line of fine birding optics and accessories. They represent high quality, value, and a superb warranty.

We now offer two ways to view birds in their natural habitat: the infrared SpyCam is ideal for nest boxes, and the amazing BirdCam lets you photograph and video birds while you are away!

The NEW BirdSong Identiflyer LYRIC is simply the best and easiest way to learn bird songs. Everyone can become an expert. Each bird song has Learning Lyrics, words and phrases that help you connect the bird's picture and name to its song. Includes Two 2-sided Super SongCards - A total of 40 Eastern & Western YardBirds. Additional Super SongCards are available.