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"My Heartwood Ashley birdhouse is so beautiful and the quality is excellent. Thank you so much." Sandi, Atlanta

"Thanks in advance, you have great customer service, feels like doing business with friends." Lynette, New York.

"Received the birdhouse yesterday and in good order. Thanks for the efforts on your end and please pass on my appreciation to your "manufacturer." It was packaged well and arrived by the time I was told it would. I REALLY like it!" Doreen, Washington

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Bird Houses

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Architects have always loved designing bird houses of distinction as a hobby. What makes these birdhouses stand out in the garden as classics is the attention to detail. All of these bird houses are hand crafted by the designer keeping an eye on quality. These bird houses will last for generations and provide much enjoyment to the owner and their feathered friends.
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Ultimate Martin HouseUltimate Martin HouseGorgeous! Exceptional quality for serious Martin lovers. If you are looking for an heirloom quality house that will last for generations - you have found it! 25 year warranty.
Round Island Lighthouse Birdhouse <br><span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Round Island Lighthouse Birdhouse
New Item!
This historic lighthouse sits off the coast of Mackinac Island and at the point where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet. It was a natural model for our Historic Reproductions series. Red and white with black metal roof. Mounting pedestal available.
Cedar Lodge BirdhouseCedar Lodge BirdhouseHand crafted by Southern Bird Gardens exclusively from moisture resistant woods, this bird house will last for generations. This large Victorian Bird House has four separate compartments for four simultaneously nesting pairs. Easy clean-out by removing 4 solid brass screws at the base.
Novelty PedestalNovelty PedestalThis sturdy base will accommodate a number of our medium and small birdhouses. Constructed of kiln-dried hardwood and finished with an outdoor paint.
The Manor BirdhouseThe Manor BirdhouseThis Victorian masterpiece features outstanding details such as a mailbox, a rose bush with trellis, and two miniature birdhouses. Balconies on each window and dramatic shingled roof lines will make the Manor sure to please all avian residents.
Cape Cod Cottage BirdhouseCape Cod Cottage BirdhouseA great starter home for your feathered friends. Details include a wraparound porch and two separate cavities with a removable back wall for easy cleaning. Will attract all cavity dwellers.
Honeymoon Cottage BirdhouseHoneymoon Cottage BirdhouseThe perfect retreat for the newlyweds. Fully functional birdhouse has a single cavity and will attract wrens, finches, chickadees and titmice. The roof is western red cedar which will patina to a silvery grey.
Sleepy Hollow BirdhouseSleepy Hollow BirdhouseIntricately decorated BirdHouse with minute details, including Gingerbread roof trim, Porticos and shudders. Will Accommodate Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice.
Gingerbread Cottage BirdhouseGingerbread Cottage BirdhouseThis style was patterned from our original Victorian Cottage Birdhouse design that remains one of best sellers. A front arch will provide a perfect perch for the incoming and outgoing residents.
KingsGate Cottage BirdhouseKingsGate Cottage BirdhouseThis house has intricate details and two roof lines. The roof is topped with Pine Shingles and there are numerous details on the porch, window and door trims. Made from Western Red Cedar.
Victorian Manor BirdhouseVictorian Manor BirdhouseThere is nothing modest about this Avian Victorian Mansion. Topped with Pine Shingles and patterned from our best selling Manor Birdhouse, this style has intricate details including window box trim, miniature birdhouses and multiple roof lines.
Christmas Wren Cottage - RedChristmas Wren Cottage - RedHelp your birds celebrate the holidays with a cheerful holiday version of our Little Wren House. This hanging house is designed to accommodate house wrens. It features a removable wreath detail around the entry hole and is topped with Western Red Cedar shingles and painted with a seasonal red outdoor paint.
Christmas Wren House - WhiteChristmas Wren House - WhiteYour feathered friends will be dreaming of a White Christmas when they see the latest version of our Little Wren House. This hanging house is designed to accommodate house wrens and features a removable wreath detail around the entry hole. Topped with Western Red Cedar shingles.
Clubhouse Birdhouse for Purple MartinsClubhouse Birdhouse for Purple MartinsThis large martin house has been inspired by the classic Southern Plantation style Clubhouse at the most famous site in the world of Golf. 16 Martin families will nest in style. The "Crows Nest" has screened venting to provide additional ventilation.
Star Barn Birdhouse - Out of Stock until 11/18/16Star Barn Birdhouse - Out of Stock until 11/18/16This functional birdhouse is inspired by the Iconic Star Barn in the Amish Country near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Stars decorate all around this Country Classic with a river stone foundation. 1-1/4" openings will invite wrens, finches, chickadees and nuthatches.
Classic Pedestal - TallClassic Pedestal - TallYou have asked for it and now we are pleased to announce the introduction of a moderately priced display pedestal at nearly 60" in height. Intended to support the medium sized birdhouses that command a pedestal.
Christmas Cabin Birdhouse - White FinishChristmas Cabin Birdhouse - White FinishWreaths, Garland and miniature Poinsettia flower boxes decorate our white Holiday Cabin that will be sure to delight the birding enthusiast with the "Holiday Spirit".
Novelty Cottage BirdhouseNovelty Cottage BirdhouseModerately priced version of our best selling Cape Cod Cottage Birdhouse. Pine shingles top this classic residence. Removable back wall and 2 separate cavities with side entries.
12 Compartment House with Rope or Optional Winch Elevating System <br><span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>12 Compartment House with Rope or Optional Winch Elevating System
New Item!
This 12 compartment Martin apartment is a complete kit - nothing else to buy. Easy to assemble and install. Kit includes house, roof perch, nest elevating subfloors (keeps nest dryer), winter door stops. Features a rope lanyard elevation system. The rope locks securely and the house can be stopped at any height. An optional Winch Conversion Kit is available. Entice martins to nest in your yard by providing them a majestic home.
Schrodt - Large Nesting Box BirdhouseSchrodt - Large Nesting Box BirdhouseLikely residents include Bluebirds, Finches, and Tree Swallows. Discourages Starlings. Features: Sliding door for easy viewing and maintenance. Made of durable oiled redwood and cedar. Nesting birds will return year after year. Can be mounted on a tree, wall or post.
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