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Bird Houses

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Architects have always loved designing bird houses of distinction as a hobby. What makes these birdhouses stand out in the garden as classics is the attention to detail. All of these bird houses are hand crafted by the designer keeping an eye on quality. These bird houses will last for generations and provide much enjoyment to the owner and their feathered friends.
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Rusty Rooster HouseRusty Rooster HouseThis fine shelter is destined to become a classic! Architecturally correct drop-siding with corner boards provides a stunning new look. Second floor cupola with a 'Rusty Rooster' finial adds extra charm to this house. Available in four attractive color and roof styles!
Downy Woodpecker HouseDowny Woodpecker HouseAmerica's smallest woodpecker, the Downy is a backyard favorite throughout the eastern U.S. Since Downys tend to use nest boxes in the winter as roosts to escape the cold, you'll want to put up a house in the fall or anytime to be ready.
Hanging Wren HouseHanging Wren HouseMost birds prefer a stable house, but House Wrens don't mind a gentle movement. Hangs easily with the metal chain from a tree or bracket and opens easily for clean-out.
Western/Mountain Bluebird HouseWestern/Mountain Bluebird HouseWestern/Mountain Bluebirds need a slightly larger chamber and entrance hole than their eastern counterpart. This house is designed specifically to attract the vivid Western Bluebird.
Three Woodpeckers House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Three Woodpeckers House
New Item!
Only a few varieties of woodpeckers will live in a man-made box, but the Hairy, Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpeckers regularly do so. This nesting box is made specifically to attract these woodpeckers.
Saw-Whet/Screech Owl House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Saw-Whet/Screech Owl House
New Item!
Saw-whet owls and screech owls have tough competition from other birds because they are so small. This house provides a perfect size cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material.
Horizontal Winter RoostHorizontal Winter RoostProvide a spacious abode with this newly designed winter roost. With two dowels stretching from side to side, there is plenty of room for the whole family to spend a cold winter night.
Wood Duck / Hooded Merganser HouseWood Duck / Hooded Merganser HouseThis specially designed Wood Duck House opens two ways for observation and cleaning, and has an internal ladder for the duckings to climb out. Mother calls ducklings to the protection of the open water at age one day.
Small Wood Duck HouseSmall Wood Duck House"Dump nesting" occurs when a number of females lay eggs in a single house, which sometimes results in clutches with over 70 eggs. Due to the special design of this dmaller next box, "dump nesting" was reduced. Although fewer ducklings are fledged from each box, the survival rate is improved. This box comes with a wire ladder and nesting chips, and the front opens for observation and cleaning.
Common Merganser Duck HouseCommon Merganser Duck HouseCoveside provides a perfect nest box for mergansers that normally nest in tree cavities. Positioning a house on a pole in the open water provides extra protection from predators.
Goldeneye Duck HouseGoldeneye Duck HouseUnable to excavate their own cavities, goldeneyes are in constant search for good nesting sites. With a larger entrance hole than the Wood Duck House, this specially designed box comes with wood chips and a ladder to provide an ideal place for goldeneyes to lay their eggs.
Bufflehead Duck HouseBufflehead Duck HouseThe Bufflehead, with its striking white sides and white patch on its head, is smaller than most cavity nesting ducks. Dependent on nest boxes, this Bufflehead house is ideal due to the scarcity of holes excavated by a large woodpecker or flicker.
Barn Owl House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Barn Owl House
New Item!
The beautiful Barn Owl with its heart-shaped face is 18" high with a wing span of 44". These highly valued, rodent-eaters will have an ideal residence in this very large house which comes with wood chips. Dimensions: 17"h x 20"w x 26"d. Available assembled or unassembled (pre-drilled with all hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions).
Barred Owl House <br> <span style="color:#1954e9;">New Item!</span>Barred Owl House
New Item!
The Barred Owl is slightly larger than a barn owl and sounds like a typical "hoot owl." This magnificent bird is 16-25 inches tall with a wingspan of 38-50 inches. This large barred owl house can be mounted high in a tree using the two metal hangers and a 2x4 for a flat mounting surface. Available assembled or unassembled (pre-drilled with all hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions). Dimensions: 25"h x 14-1/4"w x 19"d
French VillaFrench VillaYour bluebirds and their friends will flock to this stylish retreat. Constructed of select 3/4" cypress with an overlaid solid copper roof, this stunning nest box will last a lifetime. The peaked roof is finished with a cast iron finial.
Starter HomeStarter HomeBeginner's luck? You'll believe it as soon as you hang our Starter Home and the birds come flocking. Made of solid mahogany, hand oiled with a hook at the back, ready to hang and enjoy.
Wrental HouseWrental HouseSimilar in size to our top selling Classic Crackle, this solid mahogany house will have songbirds scrambling to occupy this beauty. Fully functional and cute to boot. Hand oiled mahogany with copper trim. Put out the 'FOR WRENT' sign.
Classic ChapelClassic ChapelThis is just the sanctuary your backyard birds have been looking for. It's made from solid cypress with a painted crackle finish that is fully functional and hangable. Solid cast iron steeple along with copper cleanout door. Every backyard needs a Classic Chapel!
Jennie Lynn HouseJennie Lynn HouseSongbirds will be anxious to claim this loft as it sits high above your backyard and stealthy predators. The spun solid copper roof and brass finial add elegance to this eight-sided beauty. Top comes off like a lampshade for effortless cleaning.
Lantern LoftLantern LoftThe Arts and Crafts movement has found the birds. The Lantern Loft is designed in the tradition of the Frank Lloyd Wright style - simplicity and functionality. Constructed of solid mahogany with a hand burnished copper roof and powder coated loop bail, this house is a winner inside the house or outside in the garden.
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