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Purple Martin Houses,  Masts, and Accessories

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Purple Martins are gregarious and interesting birds, but to attract them, you need to locate the house properly. Purple Martins tend to "swoop" into their house, and this swooping requires room.

The Purple Martin house should be located in the open, and some distance from any tall objects like trees and buildings. As a general rule of thumb, a Martin house should be placed a distance from the tall object equal to the objects' height.

Strangely, Martins like some human activity in the vicinity. Try to place the Martin house within 60 to 100 feet of your own. Apparently over time, Martins have discovered that human activity reduces predators.

This is a link to an excellent article about purple martin predators. We do offer a predator guard that you may want to consider after reading the article. Click Here

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Ground Socket for Coats Heavy Duty Telescoping poleGround Socket for Coats Heavy Duty Telescoping poleThis ground socket allows easy installation and removal of the Coates PMHD12 telescoping pole system. Just cement it into the ground and insert the pole. Hardware is included.
Universal Base PlateUniversal Base PlateThis Universal Base Plate can be used to mount any flat bottomed Purple Martin House on all of the Coates 12' mounting poles. Attaches with 4 screws. This part comes attached to all Coates Purple Martin houses.
Martin House Protector Spray 16 ozMartin House Protector Spray 16 ozMartin House Protector is a non-toxic, all-natural enzyme cleaner for all types of birdhouses. Simply spray into the birdhouse for easy cleaning. Eliminates lice, fleas, and mites.
Replacement subfloors for PMC24-nh, TM12-nhReplacement subfloors for PMC24-nh, TM12-nhReplacement subfloors keep your birds' nest area drier if the originals become lost or damaged. Fits PMC24-nh, TM12-nh. Quantity of 12.
Starling Resistant Crescent Doors (6 or 12) for houses ending in -nh.Starling Resistant Crescent Doors (6 or 12) for houses ending in -nh.Starling resistant crescent doors for PMC24-nh, TM12-nh, MSS12-nh. Select quantity of 6 or 12.
Blank Doors for use with enlarged Martin compartments.Blank Doors for use with enlarged Martin compartments.These blank doors are used when enlarging the compartments of the PMC24, TM12, and MSS12. Available in quantities of 6 or 12.
Replacement subfloors for MSS12 Martin House.Replacement subfloors for MSS12 Martin House.These replacement subfloor plates raise the nesting surface about 1/4 inch which results in a drier floor and better ventilation. Fits MSS12 only. For other models, see DN2-nh.
Porch DividersPorch DividersThis package of 8 porch dividers prevents aggressive birds from taking over an entire floor of the Martin house.
Predator GuardPredator GuardPredator Guard can help protect your purple martins from climbing predators.
Winch Conversion Kit for MSS12R-nh and TM12-nhWinch Conversion Kit for MSS12R-nh and TM12-nhConverts Purple Martin houses (product number ending in "nh") from rope raising system to winch and cable system. Stop at any height. House won't fall if handle slips from hand.
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