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"My Heartwood Ashley birdhouse is so beautiful and the quality is excellent. Thank you so much." Sandi, Atlanta

"Thanks in advance, you have great customer service, feels like doing business with friends." Lynette, New York.

"Received the birdhouse yesterday and in good order. Thanks for the efforts on your end and please pass on my appreciation to your "manufacturer." It was packaged well and arrived by the time I was told it would. I REALLY like it!" Doreen, Washington

Weather Vanes

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Weather vanes - New Items! - a truly unique way to accent your deck, yard, garden and home. These weather vanes are both beautiful and beautifully made  IN THE USA!

They are easy to assemble and can be mounted on the ground, any flat surface, such as a deck, on the side of a square post, and even on a roof. The mount is included in the price. These weather vanes are made from 14 gauge steel and come with a one year warranty on the finish and lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Each weather vane comes with (1) your choice of top, (2) a sealed ball-bearing windcup, (3) an EWNS (directional), and (4) your choice of mount. The finish is a three-step process which will last for many years. 1. A zinc chromate plating is applied on the base metal for better adhesion, durability and to prevent rust. 2.A beautiful, antique copper vein powder coating is baked on. 3.Finally, a clear powder coat is baked on for protection and to provide an attractive, lustrous finish. The attractive designs are laser cut in one piece of metal. All tops are interchangeable. High quality durable SEALED bearings in the windcups ensure they will rotate in the slightest breeze. Sizes: TOPS - All the tops are 21" long and vary from 6" to 11".  Garden Mount is 60" long. May be pushed into the ground or used with an optional ground rod. Roof Mount, Deck Mount, Post Mount - All are 15" high. Click here to view assembly instructions (PDF). Don't see a design here you like? There are over 150 designs! On WildBirdGoodies, we offer only the bird-themed vanes, but we can offer seasonal (pumpkins, Santa, etc), cats, dogs, wildlife, whimsical (dancing frogs, flying pig, etc), military, recreation (fishing, hunting, lighthouse, golf, etc), horses, planes, trains, automobiles, race car numbers, and officially licensed collegiate themes! Send us an email with your request.
Weather Vanes

Weather Vanes

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Birdhouse WeathervaneBirdhouse WeathervaneThis style features a quaint artistic birdhouse with a depiction of four, fun song birds. This beautiful birdhouse weathervane makes an ideal gift for any bird lover.
Cardinal WeathervaneCardinal WeathervaneThis North American songbird will make a great addition to your garden or deck. Wonderful gift for any bird lover.
Mallards WeathervaneMallards WeathervaneMallard ducks are featured on this attractive weathervane. Enjoy the view as these mallards take flight. Great gift for all bird lovers.
Eagle WeathervaneEagle WeathervaneThis wonderful design depicts an eagle, wings outstretched, moments before grabbing a fish. Soaring off into the wind, this eagle weathervane is the perfect gift idea for everyone on your gift list.
Geese WeathervaneGeese WeathervaneA pair of geese fly in formation over this weather vane! Listen for the 'honking' of these geese as this weathervane turns in the wind. Perfect gift for lovers of geese.
Heron WeathervaneHeron WeathervaneA majestic heron is framed by trees along a "shore" depicted by the trees and oval "lake." The intricate design of the Heron weathervane is a great addition to any outdoor area and makes a wonderful gift.
Hummingbird WeathervaneHummingbird WeathervaneHummingbirds on this vane seem to hover in mid air as they extract nectar from flowers. So realistic, you will hear the gentle flapping of the wings. Hummingbird lovers will be delighted to receive this as a gift.
Loon WeathervaneLoon WeathervaneThis cute vane features a mother and baby loon in a natural setting. The only thing missing from this beautiful loon weathervane is the haunting voice of the loon. Great gift!
Pheasant WeathervanePheasant WeathervaneThis pheasant weathervane depicts a pheasant rising from a field next to fence. As a seasoned pheasant hunter or outdoor enthusiast, you will feel the excitement when you see this weathervane spinning around. Fantastic gift!
Rooster WeathervaneRooster WeathervaneThis stately rooster is a perfect vane for a barn or outbuilding! Fortunately this rooster weathervane won't wake you up in the morning. This traditional design would look complete on your roof or deck. Makes a great gift.
Woodpecker WeathervaneWoodpecker WeathervaneThis woodpecker, encircled in its natural habitat, will be perfect for a yard or garden. Your trees are safe with this woodpecker. He's just waiting to fly into your yard. Perfect gift for woodpecker lovers!
Deck Mount for WeathervanesDeck Mount for WeathervanesThis 3"x3" deck mount will allow you to fasten your weather vane to any flat surface that will accept mounting screws. It is 15" high.
Garden Mount for WeathervanesGarden Mount for Weathervanes60" tall ground mount for weathervanes.
Post Mount for WeathervanesPost Mount for WeathervanesThis post mount will mount a weather vane on any vertical surface that will accept screws, such as the side of a deck post. It is 3"x3" by 15" tall.
Roof Mount for Weathervanes - Four sidedRoof Mount for Weathervanes - Four sidedThis roof mount is designed to fit on the peak of a cupola or gazebo. It will conform to any roof pitch. 15" tall.
Roof Mount for WeathervanesRoof Mount for WeathervanesThis roof mount will allow you mount your weather vane on any two-sided roof, regardless of roof pitch. Mount is 15" high.
Roof mount for Weathervanes - Three SidedRoof mount for Weathervanes - Three SidedThis mount is designed to mount on a gazebo, or any other three-sided structure. 15" high, conforms to any roof pitch.